October 31, 2023

What Is Psoriasis And Its Homoeopathic Treatment

What Is Psoriasis? So Friends, Skin cells multiply excessively quickly as a result of the immune system’s hyperactive state in the chronic (long-lasting) condition known as psoriasis. Most frequently on the scalp, elbows, or knees, although other regions of the body can also be affected, patches of skin become scaly and irritated. Although scientists are unsure of the exact aetiology of psoriasis, they do know that a combination of genetic and environmental factors is likely involved. If you are looking for the best Homeopathic Medicine for Lumbar Spondylosis then Doctor Rajendra Shrimali’s natural remedy provides you with the best solution.

What Is Psoriasis

Millions of individuals across the world struggle with the chronic autoimmune skin condition known as psoriasis. It is characterised by red, scaly areas on the skin, which can be quite uncomfortable and significantly affect a person’s quality of life. This article helps you to know What Is Psoriasis AndHomoeopathic Psoriasis Treatments.  

While there are many therapies available through conventional medicine, some people prefer alternative strategies like homoeopathy. In this article, we’ll examine What Is Psoriasis and psoriasis from a homoeopathic standpoint, comprehending homoeopathic concepts and looking into possible homoeopathic treatments for psoriasis management.

Psoriasis  Treatment in Homoeopathy

Psoriasis is viewed in homoeopathy as an outward sign of an underlying imbalance. Psoriasis is thought to develop as a result of a person’s sensitivity, genetic predisposition, and immune system dysfunction. The goal of homoeopathic treatments is to correct these underlying imbalances and activate the body’s natural healing process. Homoeopathic Psoriasis Treatments are very helpful and natural way.

What are the Causes Of Psoriasis

Causes Of Psoriasis are seen in many Psoriasis patients. A complex autoimmune disease psoriasis can have several underlying causes. Instead of only treating the symptoms of psoriasis, homoeopathy seeks to identify and address the disease’s underlying causes.

Homoeopathy takes into account several aspects that may contribute to the development and progression of the disease even though the actual aetiology of psoriasis is not entirely established. The Following are the Causes Of Psoriasis:

  1. Genetic Propensity
  2. Immune System Disorder
  3. Mental and Emotional Components
  4. environment-related factors
  5. Lifestyle elements

What are the Symptoms Of Psoriasis

There are many Symptoms Of Psoriasis. A persistent skin disorder called psoriasis causes the skin to develop red, scaly areas. As a holistic kind of medicine, homoeopathy takes the entirety of a person’s symptoms into account when choosing the best homoeopathic treatment.

 Even though psoriasis symptoms might differ from person to person, some common symptoms are considered while considering homoeopathic treatment. Following are the Symptoms Of Psoriasis:

  1. Skin blemishes
  2. Burning and Itching
  3. Cracking and dryness
  4. Psoriatic Arthritis
  5. Psychological disturbances
  6. Affecting and Beneficial Factors

What are the Homoeopathic Psoriasis Treatments

The following are the Homoeopathic Psoriasis Treatments:

Arsenicum album: This treatment is beneficial for people with dry, scaly skin that is prone to severe itching. Inflamed areas could get worse at night. Common Arsenicum album side effects include restlessness, anxiety, and a yearning for warmth.

Graphites: Those who need them frequently have thick, scaly, and chapped skin. The spots often exude a viscous substance that resembles honey. Itching is a common symptom, especially when it’s warm outside. Additionally, people could have constipation and always feel cold.

Rhus Toxicodendron: When skin lesions are red, swollen, and excruciatingly itching, this therapy is helpful. Warmth and movement alleviate the itching, which is worse at night and in cold weather. Other symptoms that may accompany psoriasis in people who need Rhus Toxicodendron include joint stiffness and restlessness.

Sulphur: Sulphur is widely recommended as a treatment for a variety of skin issues, including psoriasis. Skin sores that are red, itching, and burning are common in those who need sulphur. Scratching makes the problem worse and can make the skin feel rough and dry. Warmth may make symptoms worse, and there may be a propensity to feel overheated.

Mezereum: Mezereum is advised for those with lesions on their skin that are thick, leathery, and cracked. A sticky substance may leak from the spots, and nighttime scratching is quite bad as usual. The signs could get worse from cold air or contact.

What are the Alternative lifestyle strategies for Psoriasis

Management of stress: Psoriasis symptoms can be made worse by stress. Deep breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, and other relaxation methods can all assist in lowering stress levels.

Keeping up a healthy diet: A balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins helps promote general health and may have a good impact on psoriasis symptoms.

Avoiding triggers: Recognise and stay away from things like certain foods, allergens, or environmental variables that aggravate psoriasis.


Can homoeopathy entirely treat psoriasis?

Yes, Homeopathy entirely treats psoriasis. Along with its need to improve diet and lifestyle.

Is homoeopathy safe for children with psoriasis?

Homoeopathy is approved as safe for use in kids with psoriasis. To ensure the right remedies and dosages are administered, it is advised to speak with a competent homoeopath who specialises in treating kids.

How does homoeopathy help to treat psoriasis?

It is advised that the first line of treatment for psoriasis be homoeopathy. In addition to being a skin condition, psoriasis is a result of the immune system’s dysfunction. Psoriasis is more likely in those with certain hereditary predispositions. Because the condition is widespread, it requires a methodical and carefully thought-out course of therapy.


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