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Dr. Rajendra Shrimali – Homeopathy Specialist Serving Maharashtra and International Patients

Comprehensive Homeopathic Treatment Services

At the clinic of Dr. Rajendra Shrimali, we offer a wide array of homeopathic treatments tailored to meet your specific health needs. Our services are designed to provide you with holistic and personalized treatment plans, focusing particularly on chronic conditions such as Rheumatism and Spinal disorders.

Flexible Consultation Options

We offer both online and offline consultation services to cater to your needs and preferences.

Online Consultations: Receive expert homeopathic care from the comfort of your home.

Offline Consultations: Visit us at our Nashik or Kopargaon clinics for a personal consultation.


With 37 years of experience,

Dr. Rajendra Shrimali is a trusted name in homeopathy, renowned for his dedication to patient care and extensive knowledge in the field. His expertise covers a broad spectrum of health issues, ensuring that you receive specialized and effective treatment.

Our Philosophy

At Dr. Rajendra Shrimali’s clinic, we believe in the power of holistic healing. Our approach is centered around treating the root cause of ailments, not just the symptoms, to promote lasting health and well-being.

    Patient-Centered Care

    We understand that each patient is unique, and so are their health needs. That’s why we offer personalized treatment plans and continuous support to ensure you achieve your health goals. Your journey to wellness is our priority.

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    Holistic Healing

    Unlock Your True Potential With Life Coaching Services

    Homeopathy is more than just a treatment – it’s a way to achieve balance in your life. Our holistic approach addresses your physical, mental, and emotional health, ensuring comprehensive care and optimal well-being.